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The Qarshi Organization


One of the largest quality natural products companies in Pakistan, Qarshi is a leading organization with a large number of National / International Certifications and Accreditations. With a vision to become a global leader in quality, human resource development, research and development, and corporate social responsibility, Qarshi is engaged in promoting healthy living and offers a blend of age-old Oriental and Greek herbal preparations with the latest advancements in science and technology, providing more than 300 Quality Natural Products to its customers worldwide. Qarshi Industries is also serving Pakistan its most favorite natural refreshing drink Jam-e-Shirin since 1984 & Johar Joshanda since 1971 that was declared as “The Best of Asia” by Times Magazine.


Strategic Alliances

Qarshi is proud to be associated with the Pakistan Tibbi Council, Pakistan Tibbi Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association, the Message Foundation and also the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).


In order to augment the operation of our organization, our Facilitation System is fully functional. With support services, real estate ventures as well as endeavours in the field of agriculture, the Facilitation System ensures the smooth running of Qarshi Organization.

Commercial Business


Qarshi’s commercial division is dedicated to bringing the goodness of nature to the consumer in the form of Quality Natural Medicines, Health Supplements, Refreshing Syrups, Carbonated Soft Drinks, Natural Mineral Water and Food & Farm Products.

Qarshi Research


Qarshi Research International (QRI) offers personalized customer services, Rapid Turnaround time, Competitive pricing and the largest internationally accredited testing scope for Food Chemical, Microbiological and Water testing in Pakistan.

Qarshi Foundation


Founded by Mr. Iqbal Ahmed Qarshi in July 1994, Qarshi Foundation carries out social welfare activities with focus on Health, Education, Welfare Projects and Environment Conservation. Qarshi Foundation strives to bring sustainable development by raising health awareness, and promoting professional and technical education and research activities.

qarshi university

Qarshi University


Qarshi University is a project of Qarshi Foundation, a non-profit welfare organization. It is recognized by Higher Education Commission (HEC) and Chartered by Government of the Punjab. Qarshi University aims to produce “Managers of Change” through Education, Grooming and Skills Development for betterment of society.

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