Dear Qarshi Family, SMOG may lead to further complications amid COVID-19. Use Qarshi Johar Joshanda to stay protected from cold, cough & flu during seasonal shift.
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Respiratory Bundle Offer

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Save Rs. 66/- with Qarshi’s ALL NEW Respiratory Bundle Offer. Order Online Now to take care of your Respiratory System with Qarshi’s Gold Standards Quality Natural Products. Respiratory Bundle helps you to prevent from SMOG effects, cold, cough & other Respiratory & lung related issue.

Qarshi Respiratory Bundle has the following products:

Fever-X Syrup (1 Bottle)
Flu Quit Drops (2 Bootles)
Corezcol Syrup (1 Bottle)
Surfi Tablets (5 Leafs)
Johar Joshanda Classis (1 Skillet/Box)
Johar Joshanda Suger Free (1 Skillet/Box)
Johar Joshanda Chocolate (1 Skillet/Box)
Toot Siah (1 Bottle – 60ml)

Out of stock


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