Dear Qarshi Family, SMOG may lead to further complications amid COVID-19. Use Qarshi Johar Joshanda to stay protected from cold, cough & flu during seasonal shift.

Qarshi Coronavirus Symptoms KIT

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Qarshi brings you an essential natural medicine kit which helps you to prevent from cold, cough & flu & helps to enhance your immune system. Qarshi Coronavirus Symptoms KIT has the following products: 
  • Qarshi Johar Joshanda (6 Sachet) –  For Flu, cough cold & Fever
  • Surfi Tablets (10×3 Tablets) – Effective for bronchitis
  • Flu Quit Drops 25ml (2 Bottles)  – Useful in Enhancing Immunity
  • IcyChest Kare (30 Capsules) – Useful in cold
  • Fatty Liver Kare (60 Capsules)  – Aids liver functioning
  • Khameera Pur Asar 100gm (1 Jar) – Helpful in Fever & Fatigue

383 in stock



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